Tips for Playing and Getting Success in Multiplayer Games

Feb 07, 2016

The world of gaming has changed over the years and now the ones that reign the world are multiplayer games. Whether you are new to this or experienced one you can spend hours playing games like League of Legends or CS:GO. Every player has a unique strategy to excel at these games. However, if you are new to this arena, follow the tips below that will let you play better.

New Site for Gamers Helping Gamers!

Jan 24, 2016

Have you ever been stuck trying to get past that last level of Zelda and found yourself saying "@#$*, I wish I could pay someone to beat this for me!". Well, while we still can't help you with Zelda on Game Boy, there is a new site that lets gamers help gamers for cash (and free for those who just like to help their fellow gamers in their spare time)...

Some Games to Make 2016 Exciting

Jan 25, 2016

This year promises to be a great year with a lot of new game options. Whether you love playing action or strategy, you will find some great games for your taste. Here are some of the exciting games coming this year...

Top 7 Multiplayer Video Games For Xbox One

Jan 30, 2016

Whether you are sitting down for a night in with the friends or having a fun date night in, multiplayer games are one of the most fun (and most intense, because let’s face it, screaming at someone who is beside you is a whole other level than screaming at someone who is across the country) things you can have. To help you choose the best multiplayer game for your night in we have compiled a fairly diverse list of the top multiplayer games for Xbox one...